Lincoln Precision TIG 185 parts?

Hello all,
I really like my Lincoln Precision TIG 185 and (as a beginner) I have been
able to progressively improve my skills. I found Stainless to be very
forgiving and I seemed to pickup that skill pretty quick. TIGing Aluminum
was quite a bit tougher, but after a week of welding, I'm now able to start
seeing the 'stack o dimes' in my welds.
I've been researching parts and have not been able to identify what
replacement parts fit my TIG torch. According to Lincoln, I have the PTA-17
Pro-Torch TIG Torch". I've seen lots nozzles (of various sizes), but have no
idea if they will fit mine. I've searched Lincoln, but have not been able to
figure out what fits mine (size, type, etc).
Can anyone tell me what 'size', or 'type' nozzle I should be looking for?
Armed with that information I'll go searching for a replacement nozzle. Are
nozzles pretty standard? Or is this TIG torch interchangeable with some
other brand? I broke my nozzle today, so that's an immediate concern. I'm
sure I'll need other TIG torch parts pretty soon too.
This is all new to me, but I'm picking it up pretty fast.
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Lincoln use the same basic TIG torch design as most of the rest of the world. This is commonly known as the "Linde-Style", and sometimes (incorrectly) as "Weldcraft-Style" All Linde-style torch parts for the 17 models will fit your torch. Quality and price varies wildly. You can still buy US-made, but be prepared to pay for it! Chinese-made is more common, heaps cheaper and varies from pretty damned good to atrocious.
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Do you know about gas lenses?
If not, do a web search on the term and get a little education. One source is a company called CK Worldwide, often referenced here as CKW.
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Look on their website under "accessories/consumables" for the torch parts catelogue. You have a number 17 torch that is equivalent to the CK17 torch.
In sum, a non-lens/reguler tig torch cup puts out the gas like your garden hose: the gas just blobs out any which way as it leaves the end of the torch cup. A gas lens uses a screen to create make the shielding gas form a laminar flow. This structured flow maintains integrety--i.e., stays together for a good distance after it leaves the end of the torch cup. In practice what this means is that the tungsten stickout can be increased a lot over the non-lens setup, and, you get to use a lot less gas.
Check out the discussion on this newsgroup (I located via google search/newsgroups)--pay particular attention to Ernie's responses. (He the man.)
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If you are not too familiar with this gas lens stuff, you may have a bunch more questions, so ask.
Best, David Todtman
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David Todtman
Yes, they're good if you have space for the extra diameter cup. And they don't cost that much more once you have the adaptor for the torch body.
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