Park Flyer advice?

I've been thinking about trying one of the electric Park Flyers that I've
been seeing at the local hobby shop lately, but before I invest in all the
micro/sub-micro electronics, I'm looking for some opinions.
The guy at the local Hobby Town(tm) has suggested the Pico Stick from GWS.
I'm kinda partial to the Tiger Moth (mostly because it's a bi-plane -
haven't had one of those yet).
I'm also considering the Ascent EP glider. I just don't know anyone who has
flown any of these planes, nor have I seen one 'out of the box'. How does
one go about deciding whether or not any plane is good for him?
I've been building/flying/crashing/rebuilding stick-built sailplanes off a
High Start for many years along with dabbling in slope-soaring a Zagi 3C.
As I'm not too close to a good slope all the time (but have plenty of room
to High Start at home) I bought one of the Airobirds on a whim and found
that I'm having a ball with the thing just hand tossing and even
thermalling for some pretty lengthy flights.
So waddya think? Any thoughts on a good EP Park Flyer to play around with
while the sailplanes are still on the bench awaiting a (re)build?
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The GWS Tigermoth is a great little backyard flyer. For the price, most all their planes are worth the money. Don't plan on flying fast with the Tigermoth. It flies very slow but, surprisingly, it is still loads of fun. Touch and goes off the roof, picnic table landings, etc. Another of my favorite electrics for just fooling around is the Soarstar. I am running 8x1700AAU packs in it and getting 25 minute flights. I have seen over 45 minutes with thermals. Not really a backyard flyer though and definitely not much "scale" appearance. You can also put a camera on it for some arial photos.
Those are just a couple.
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You will not be dissapointed by the Tiger Moth!!
Also, if your LHS has a SlowStick rather than a PicoStick, get that first...
The SlowStick can handle a little more wind than the pico, and moth, thus allowing a little more flexibility on those less than perfect no wind days.
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ANY of the above. Lest face it they are cheap enough to scarp after a few weeks if you don't like em.
Your bigger investment will be in packs, chargers, and lightweight avionics.
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The Natural Philosopher
The Aspire EP is under powered in the stock configuration. You have to be very careful to climb out gently, or else you'll risk a stall. Mine seems to fly better in cooler weather. I had a very difficult time gaining altitude on hot, humid days. I am waiting to get a geared motor and larger prop before flying it again. The Aspire flys faster with the motor off than I expected, and I wasn't able to thermal, though I probably wouldn't be able to catch a thermal even if there was a big neon sign floating in the air indicating where the rising air is. I don't have any other sailplane experience. I'm sure that someone with more experience would be able to thermal the Aspire EP. I have been flying the Wattage Hawk EP, and I love it. It flys a bit fast, but it is nice and smooth. I like it because it handles light breezes better than lighter park flyers. With your Zagi experience you shouldn't have any problem handling the Hawk.
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Shawn Odekirk
Slow Stik, Tiger Moth, and Wingo. The Wingo is not a backyard flyer but it's a great trainer and a relaxing flyer. I fly mine with a 600mah Sanyo NiCd, an 1100 mah NiMh and a 1600 mah NiMh pack. I get 10-15 minutes easily with any of them. I about to experiment with the new Kokam 1500 Mah LiPo packs for more flights per pack and less weight. Reinforce the wing center section on the Tiger and glue the tips on the Wingo - have fun.
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Ed Forsythe
Oops - forgot to mention I'm using a GWS gearbox and a Graupner 9x6 CRM/SlimProp on the Wingo.
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Ed Forsythe
Yeah, That's right... Keep all the IMPORTANT info til AFTER they answer! I think he's a TROLL!! Mark
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OOPS! Sorry about that Ed! The original poster is a freind of mine. I didn't see that it wasn't him who said it and I wsa looking to tease him. It was certainly not pointed at you. Sorry again Mark
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