HiTec Eclipse 7 Question?

Time for another radio use/programming question:

A friend has an UltraStick he wants to put his HiTec Eclipe 7 into. The plane has split flaps/ailerons. He wants to use the 'crow' function for strange maneuvers and also use the flaps as ailerons. The manual for the radio says it's easy to use such functions, simply set it up as a Glider. Works ok, EXCEPT, it completely disables the left stick (No Throttle). He called HiTec, and as i understand it, they agree it's an 'issue' (Don't ya love that nothing is a #$@@-Up or a Problem anymore, just 'issues')

Anyone got any simple workarounds for this?

I'll send any replys on to him, as well as the address for this newsgroup.

Thanks, Steve

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I stole this post off of RCU. Type "hitec eclipse crow" into the search box and it's the first thread:

Crow is just possible with the Hitec 7 Eclipse, but it takes two switches to do it.

Don't bother trying to do it with the glider crow, as you can't use throttle at the same time.

This is an extract from a previous message (it's on the Hitec website I think):-

Channel Assignments CH1 - Right aileron CH2 - Elevator CH3 - Throttle CH4 - Rudder CH5 - Right Flap CH6 - Left aileron CH7 - Left Flap

Mixing setup for Quad Flaps functionality (Reverse throws and % as needed) PMX1 Mix CH1-Master to CH5-Slave PMX2 Mix CH1-Master to CH7-Slave PMX3 Mix CH5-Master to CH7-Slave PMX4 Mix CH7-Master To CH5-Slave (must be active full time) PMX5 Mix CH2-Master to CH6-Slave LAND Active CH6-Flaperon up CH2-elevator down max of .25in FLPN - Active Flaperon Mixing

Quad Flap mix activation switches

  1. Crow - Activated LAND mode switch and the CH5 Gear switch.

  1. Elevator-to-Flaps - Activate Flight condition switch (Due to limited number of programmable mix sets this mix will need to combine the movement of the elevator to the Flaperon instead of the Flaps.)

  2. Aileron-to-Flaps - Activate CH7 switch

  1. Short Take off Flaps - Activate Gear switch

Hitec has a forum over on RCU, also.

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Might try asking there. This continues to be a problem with the hitec computer radios. The website lists crow under features of all three radios, and if you click on acro, heli, or glider it doesn't mention crow. IOW, it implies that crow is available with Acro. They did the same thing years ago with elevator-flap mixing on the Prism 7. Turned out it was only an elevator trim when the flaps were dropped. It may just be they have a problem translating the specs to the Korean designers ;)

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Why not offer advice on something that you really know about? The Eclipse has no "glid-acro" combination setting. The only workaround is to set up the free mixers in combination with the flight modes to accomplish much the same thing. Better radios for this include the Futaba 7UGF, 8U or 9C series.

Jim - AMA 501383

Upperdeck wrote:

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Thanks Folks! I relayed the info to my friend. It's typical, he spent 4 hours on it, still didn't work,...walked away, started in again, took about 1hour. Most appears working now.

I REALLY wanna videotape the first flight, as flipping all those switches can sure get him in trouble, and i want proof of the flight before the inevitable:)

Thanks again, Steve

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