Mighty Barnstormer

Anybody ever fly a Mighty Barnstormer? I have been building mine for
several months on and off, and I finally got it out to the flying field
today. It's a huge plane, about seven foot wingspan, chord about 14
inches or so, parasol wing, from RCM plans catalog. (I haven't measured
it in a while...) The plan shows it with three channels, but I built it
with barn door ailerons. It flies kind of like a cross between an
Avistar, a Kadet Senior, and a Senior Telemaster. I let a beginner buzz
it around in big lazy circles for a few minutes. It was a relaxing
break for him after his hair raising Saito 56 powered Sig Rascal. It
also lands really nicely. It's beautiful in a touch and go, or a low
pass over the runway. I did a full stall landing on the tailwheel
first, which was a Kodak moment. This is a really great looking
design. If anybody is interested I'll take a photo of it and post a
link to the photo.
This plane was also my first fabric covering job. I used Solartex,
which says on the label that it is coated with some kind of sealant and
is fuel proof. I was going to put clear dope over it, but the
instructions say that it is not needed, and it will flake off anyway.
It appears that I was able to direct the exhaust in exactly the right
direction to avoid getting any oil on the plane at all. But in the
event that I park it behind somebody else's plane and it gets exhaust
spray on it ;^) will the oil really come off like it says on the label?
How about the dirty handprints? Somebody at the flying field told me
about a guy who had some white fabric on an airplane and couldn't get
the dirty marks off. He tried Windex, 409, ammonia, soapy water, but
nothing worked, so he stripped it and covered it with Monokote. I don't
think that I could afford Monokote for this beast, so any advice would
be appreciated.
Now I need to build a little plane to use up some of the scraps left
from cutting pieces out for the Barnstormer. I've narrowed it down to
either a Dream Machine or a Sporty Forty (both RCM plans). Anybody here
ever fly either of those?
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Robbie and Laura Reynolds
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In article , Robbie and Laura Reynolds writes
With a pedigree like Boddington designed and DB models kit it should be good.
Your Solatex will get dirty even with out fuel stain. The secret is to put on a clear coat but make the first THIN so that it soaks in to the Tex rather than sits on the surface. Once you have the first coat keyed on you can do what you like.
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Richard Crapp
I flew a friend's a few times some years back in England, it flew much as you say. I can't remember the engine now, four stroke, though
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David Smith
What kind of clear coat do you put on it? I have some nitrate dope and a big can of butyrate. Would that work?
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Robbie and Laura Reynolds
In article , Robbie and Laura Reynolds writes
No. dope dries to quickly and sits on the surface. A two part fuel proffer thinned with cellulose thinner or almost any paint that will be compatible and can be thinned 50% or more.
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Richard Crapp
Let us know when you post a picture of it. I don't think I have seen a Mighty Barnstormer, although I like those types of planes.
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