Challenger 3985

I've seen several references to the fact that the Lionel Challenger is modeled after prototype Challenger #3985 which is the last remaining operational Challenger extant.

Can anyone tell me where it is today and is it being run?


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Carter Braxton
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It's based in Cheyenne, WY.

Current schedule for its Superbowl trip is at:

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Well, I know this summer it was in it's home shop in the Cheyenne, Wyoming yard. I visited there and they were having to replace the boiler (ACK), got a personal tour of the yard (stored steamers, E8s, etc) by the conductor (I think that was him, have it written somewhere). Very very nice piece of machinery those challengers

I still like Big Boys better *mwahahaha*



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I regularly follow it at least once a year. I'm headed down to Coffeyville KS this coming weekend to see it again as it heads back to Nebraska. It's the most impressive RR subject I've ever watched and the closest man has ever come to creating life! It's well worth the 1400 mile round trip I'll be making this time.

Kent in SD

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There is another thread on this group following its progress to the Super Bowl. It was in St Louis last Sunday-Thursday, after a prolonged stay due to a mechanical failure. But I don't know where it is today, looks like somewhere in Arkansas.

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Coffeyville aaahhhh yes. I remember when I was a child seeing my first MOPAC Eagle passenger train there along with the MOPAC Eagle Merchandise boxcars, blue and grey. I even got a Lionel 623 switcher at the LHS there on that trip. I think they had a roundhouse there also. I imagine that is long gone by now. Good memories about that town Jerry

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The Union Pacific E9's excursion train came right by my house a few years ago. It was quite a sight. It was going from El Reno to Oklahoma City. I wish the 3985 would come this way also. I would love to see it as I have never seen an operating steam locomotive. Marty Hall

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Marty Hall

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