Jack Burgess - too much of a good thing!

Jack Burgess' Yosemite Valley Railroad was mentioned on of all places - Slashdot. For those not familiar with it Slashdot is a very popular site where technlogy savvy folks opine on every subject imaginable.

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Interestingly enough, aside from the few requisite jokes about model railroading geeks, most of the comments were quite favorable and some of the posters were quite knowledgeable.

Unfortunately this publicity seems to have generated a lot of traffic to Jack's site which, last time I checked, was offline. There is a posting about this further down the thread, apparently Jack's hosting agreement requires him to pay based on how much traffic is supported and the bill for this little bit of publicity may get quite large!

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"JeffS" wrote


Jack can afford it, he has a wife who works.

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