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Hi, John

Northeast wind 10 to 15 mph with gusts to 30 mph.

From NWS forecast for Wed :-)

I went today and just taxied. Up & down, up & down, in the wind. After almost an hour I got tired and quit. There was still 4oz of fuel in the tank! The motor starts really easy, even with a chicken stick (after it warms up). I think I'm gonna like this plane (Doug's trainer).


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Lee Hopper wrote in news:

You obviously didn't have gusts to 30 mph, that's enough to upset a taxi-ing plane. BTW, I've heard beginning motorcyclists do that in a parking lot before heading out to the street (taking off).

When I started R/C, We didn't taxi with my type radio gear, single channel pulse. You hand launched it like a free flight, if it rolled on landing that was an exceptional landing. Small stuff doesn't take off well on grass.

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