broken engine mount

the engine mount on my plane suddenly broke when it unexpectedly met the ground. I didn't think the repair would be that difficult. But the type of mount that was in the plane is no longer made. the local hobby shop said the only option was the great planes adjustable mount.

My problem is the adjustable mount is slightly larger than the mount that was in the plane. the footprint to mount to the firewall is close but not exact. also the arms that the engine mounts to are thicker not leaving enough room for the engine to slip into.

what do i do?


newbie learning from bad experiences

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Try a Hayes or Dave Brown mount. They are narrower than the GP adjustable mount.

Do a search on Tower Hobbies for Hayes or Dave Brown and find the mount for your engine.


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Don Hatten

I agree with another poster, check out the Hayes mounts. Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"

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If the contact with the ground was enough to break the mount I would strongly suggest replacing the firewall and installing a new mount. Use an adjustable Great Planes and install new hidden nuts to fit the new mount or simply drill the four mounting holes to fit the new mount and attach with regular bolts, washers and nuts.

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