Cox 0.049

Hi, I got a cox 0.049 and want to know what i need to start it? What voltage on glow and what kind of fule?


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1.5 volts for the glow plug, and any hobby shop has the glow fuel for an .049, just tell them what engine you have and they will point you in the right direction.
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Any fool will do :-) meant Fuel!

Glo plug needs 1.5-2.2v. We used to start em on dry cells, then lead acid cells but its conventioal to use a single Nicad these days. They really used to glow on 2.2v tho.

You can get a special clip for the glo plug from most hobby stores. They can advise on what battery/charger you need as well.

Fuel is glo fuel with 5%-15% nitromethane in it. Again, get from hobby store.

Get em slobbery and wet with fuel by squirtng in teh exhaust ports if no muffler, opne nedle valve 2 1/2 turns, flick tutill they fire, repreat until they stay running, then screw in needle valve till they almost stop burping and start screaming, and chuck into the air. Having a plane attached is good too. Disconnect glo plug first :-)

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The Natural Philosopher
1 1/2 VDC for the glow plug and small engines like this prefer high nitro fuel in the range of 20 to 30%...
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Bill Fulmer

I agree with Bill. The Cox engines need high nitro. I'd recommend 25-30%. Most shops have the high nitro stuff for Cox engines.

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Ed Forsythe

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Just keep the carburetor clean, the fuel can closed tight between use and the glow head tight and the Cox runs great, too! I've never had a problem with the small Cox engines, .010 to .09.


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Don Hatten

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Black Cloud

You should have at least 20% nitro fuel ( 1/2A) with castor oil. You need

1.5 volt starting battery (dry cell) and a Cox glow plug clip. Make sure the glow plug glows bright red looking into the exhaust port. put a drop of fuel into the exhaust port. Open needle valve two turns. Flip prop quicky and get finger out of the way. If glow head is good it should at least pop or start, when it does, turn needle valve in until it runs smoothly. Get help if possible from someone with experience.

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AGREED - I've had a LOT less problems with Cox engines than with Norvel so far.. including many .010's, .020's and various stock .049's, KK TeeDee .049, one Medallion .09 and Conquest .15 FF. The only ones that aggravated me were the Dragonfly (piss poor fuel system) and I guess the Queen Bee but I think my issue with the Queen Bee (this goes back a ways) mostly was that it was gutless.

The problems I see others have with Coxes are related to cleanliness, poor choice of fuel (!!!!), prop selection (don't overprop them - for example I never ran 6-4 on .049's, 6-3 or smaller only) , and lack of experience with small engines.

Some I remember from flying cohorts:

- 10% fuel in .049 because hobby store salesperson recommend it "she'll run fine, that's all you need". Son of a gun, runs like crap and usually quits shortly after you pull the glow clip.

- 7-4 prop on TeeDee .049

- 5-1/4x4 or 6-3 props on PeeWee .020's

- 5-1/4-3 on .010 (duh..)

- TeeDee .049 varnished so badly it was stiff to turn over.

- no spring on .049 needle valve

I'd say the PeeWee .020 was the most finicky of any that I used regularly. But all the "normal" .049's I had (MANY) all ran just fine unless something obvious was amiss - Babe Bee, Golden Bee, Black Widow, TeeDee, various plastic backplate versions from swap shops on disposable free flights.

There's umpteen others. I am still in love with .010's and, when clean, good fuel and good glow, they generally start in 3 flips or less. Sometimes one if I get the prime and needle just right or haven't sweared in a couple of days.

Mike D.

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M Dennett

Do any of you guys know where I cann get 4 throttle control rings? Th

other day I saw someone made one out of coppr tubing,. Do you guys kno anyone who could make them? Thanks Ji

-- teammaic

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Sounds like you are going to throttle a multi 1/2A engine model. This piques my interest. So, what do you have in mind? mk

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