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Six O'clock High's spelling error cracked me up almost as much as my
former gf's pronunciation of Worcestershire as "Wore Chester Shyer" which
still cracks me up whenever I think of it. :)
--- Joe
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Didn't I note that my spall chucker failed in that post? Besides, I thought the proper pronunciation was wart chester shear sauce.
I am glad some humor was shed in your life by my error. At least I even remembered the stuff. . .
Now if I can figure out why my spell checker suddenly is in spanish...grrrr
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I got my BS and MS at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA. My thesis advisor had a story about going to his first interview, cruising up and down I-290 looking for "Wusta", until he finally realized that "Worcester" isn't pronounced "Wor-ces-ter".
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Tim Wescott
No, it's more like Woo-ster-shire, I'm a native :-)
Allthough it's also sometimes called Lea & Perrins (the makers)
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Chris Dugan
In the northeast of the US it's "wustashir". But they have a way of talking that's all their own (my dad's company had a dealer from Connecticut that would call up with business proposals because he had "an idear about a cah").
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Tim Wescott

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