Eastern Soarning League TD contest at LISF June 23 and 24 2012

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We are only a few weeks away from LISF 1 where the Long Island Silent
will host the Eastern Soaring League Thermal Duration contest on June
23 and
Registration - just click on the pencil icon next to the contest you
want to
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***** ARE YOU IN IT? *****
The field is large, the fly over area even larger and the LISF crew
how to run ESL contests. There are 34 ESL contests this year. Six
be held at the LISF field.
Expert class! Top pilots, national and international competitors, LSF
and V pilots flying top of the line planes with top of the line radio
equipment. ESL expert pilots know contest flying. They are some of
the best in the country. Test yourself againstthe best of the best.
Sportsman Class - If you are not quite up to Expert, then fly
Sportsman are scored against other sportsman but will have the
opportunity to time for and be timed by experts who can offer advice
and coaching if and only if you want it. ESL Sportsman is where you
become the kind of pilot who moves to expert. You will see woodies,
home built, bagged wing RES gliders being flown in sportsman.
You don't need a $2000 plane to fly in the ESL.
Novice - What if you have a friend you would like to bring who is not
sure if he/she is ready for an ESL contest. That's fine. We can
place them
in Novice class. Novice fly FREE. This is a great way to get a taste
of the
ESL. Most Novice pilots go on to sportsman pretty quickly. Once the
it, they like it! They can even fly Novice on Saturday then move to
Sportsman on Sunday if they like. It is that easy!
Oh, and we have had Novice pilots flying Easy Gliders, Gentle Ladies,
Spirits, and even Radians with the prop removed. So bring what you
Novice is about learning. If it has a hook you can fly it in the ESL
Novice Class.
Not accustomed to a winch? No problem! We will launch the plane for
You keep the radio, we handle the winch. In fact some of our Expert
launch this way. So don't worry about the winch. We got you covered!
First register on the ESL web site. It is free for life.
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Then Register for the LISF ESL contest here:
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If you have any questions, just post them.
Want to have some fun while flying your glider? Do it!
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Ed Anderson
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We are up to 29 pilots and I don't expect it to stop there. A lot of people hold off to see what their personal schedule will be. 3 pilots registered in the last two day.
So we usually get a burst around now.
For all you LSF IV and V pilots, we have 19 experts among that 29, so if you were waiting to see if it would hit 20, it will when you register.
For you Novice pilots, we have people registered as Novice, so you won't be the only one.
And for the Sportsman, there are 9 registered now so you will have a nice group to fly with in Sportsman class.
Remember this is unlimited class so anything that can be launched from a winch can be flown. Supras are common among the experts. We see wood planes among the sportsman and even foam among sportsman and Novice. I have seen some pretty impressive flights wtih an Easy glider with excellent landing points too.
So, experts, no reason to hold back Sportsman, time to fly! And don't foget to bring your friend who has never flown an away contest. He will have a great time.
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