ElectriFly Piper Cub question

Has anyone assembled this EP plane from Tower Hobbies? If so, I'd appreciate your comments concerning building, balance & flying.

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Planes ElectriFly Piper Cub EP Park Flyer ARF 41" GPMA 1153

The RC/Groups review can be found at:

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The review explains only the obvious, easy parts. They avoided a video or photos of the test flight, "Because of bad weather".

Problem Examples: Where and how did you mount the harness On/Off Sw. I couldn't find a surface to mount it and they didn't supply the two screws and face plate.

Second: If you strap the motor to the cradle the way they indicate (with

2 zip-tie straps), it will lift the upper gear shaft and put a bind on the reduction gears. I solved this problem. If you're interested, send me your email address and I'll send a photo.

If you had problems other than what I mentioned, maybe I could help you.

If everything works as good as they make it sound, this would be a fairly inexpensive park flier, especially if you already have a TX.

Earl of Troy, AMA#40329 Website:

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