Electronic RC potentiometers (was R/C railroad locomotive?)

Hi All,
Thanks for all the help with my RC locomotive project. I think I have pretty
well sorted things out with the exception of one control. I have found channel
controlled on/off and momentary on switches at Hobby-Lobby and EMS/Jomar. Now I
am looking for an electronic potentiometer to control the volume of my onboard
sound system (0 - 100). What can I use for that?
Britt Harrington
Miami, Florida
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I once hooked up a servo to control a potentiometer using linkage. Servo turned the pot.
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Pete Christensen
There is a circuit used for electronic throttle control. I've been thinking of adapting one of these for a smoke system. I saw this on a video about Tournament of Champions, where Jason Schulman used an Electronic Speed Control (ESC) slaved to his throttle channel to slow down the smoke pump at low throttle and speed it up at full throttle.
I don't know whether an ESC does the same thing as a pot.
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Martin X. Moleski, SJ

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