FA Funsonic FS-70 full on-board kero-autostart turbine - unused unrun condition

I'm auctioning my Funsonic FS-70 turbine on eBay. Item ID is
250356793954 or to save you lookinhg it up go straight to .
It currently stands at =A3640 which would be an absolute steal so mosey
over and pick up a bargain. Auction blurb follows below :
Thanks for your interest,
This is an auction for a Funsonic FS-70 Kerostart model jet turbine in
new and unrun condition as supplied from the factory .
I am selling my Funsonic Kerostart FS-70 model jet turbine. I bought
this engine in Feb 2008 and have not built the model for it yet.
Owing to a change in circumstances I now need to sell sell it so here
it is on eBay. As stated above the turbine is exactly as supplied
from the factory and I have never run it nor connected a battery to
the ECU. It is complete with every part originally supplied from
Funsonic as detailed below. The balance of the manufaturers warranty
expires early in Feb this year.
The specs for the FS-70 Kerostart engine can be found on Funsonics
website here and there are higher resolution pictures of the actual
turbine for sale here. The Fonsonic FS-70 turbine has been tested by
RCJI to be one of the most fuel efficient on the market as can be
verified from the table at the back of any recent edition. This means
your fuel load can be minimised for reduced weight while still gaining
the benefit of the extra thrust produced by this engine cf eg the
Jetcat equivalant.
Parts supplied will be as follows (and as shown in the pictures) :
* Funsonic FS-70 Kerostart Jet Turbine
Funsonic Turbine Control Unit
* Funsonic Display Unit
Funsonic IO board
* Electronic Kero valve
Funsonic supplied fuel pump and fuel filter
* Funsonic Engine mounts
Fuel lines
* Connecting cables for TCU etc
Original Receipt and shipping docs
With the exchange rate as it is, this is an ideal time for anyone to
buy one of these turbines : pound for euro will give you a scare if
you try to import one yourself and if you are living in Europe then
you will currently get a super deal on the currency transaction.
No reserve, and low =A3600 initial bid for this turbine is an absolute
steal, especially at the current exchange rate so bid now and pick up
a bargain.
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