Flying-Model Simulator and Firebird Outlaw

Flying-Model Simulator and Firebird Outlaw.

First, thanks to the programmers. I think FMS will be very helpful.

Which of these models would best resemble the Firebird outlaw? Or is there a third-party file I can go get/download?

SilkyWind400.par Diamant.par Slowfly.par

By the way, how problematic is wind for a first time flyer? My guess is 5 MPH or calm is OK.

Thanks very much.

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John Doe
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Dude, it's free for you to use, just try it for yourself and try the different planes and mess with the wind settings and see what it does.

The Diamant is a glider BTW.

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Steve Banks

Don't you mess the excitement of being a newbie? [kidding]

I don't have the plane yet, but I think the Outlaw will be closest to this in Flying-Model Simulator.


I tried without elevator control. I figure that's good practice for landing using motor speed. It seems easy enough. I just hope the radio controls feel like my cordless game pad.

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John Doe

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