Focus 2 ARF Kits are back.

Pattern Plane Update
Some of you may remember the Focus and Focus 2 planes issued by Piedmont
Models. This was a popular plane designed by Dave Guerin of Piedmont
Models. Since the Focus 2 went out of production a while back, some guys
have been trying to reconstruct the plane from the parts salvaged from
crashes. It is a very nicely designed plane.
The good news is that the Focus 2 ARF (and ARC) kits are available again.
Dave and Piedmont Models are coming back around with a re-issue of the
original Focus 2.
As you might expect, you can see the plane, kit info, and more details at
the Central Hobbies website
formatting link
You can also log onto Piedmont Models' own website at
formatting link

Happy flying.
Central Hobbies
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Too expensive, most modelers could build a model that size for under $100, no matter how good it is i can't see how you can justify $750!
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$750.00? Insanity! I've personally purchased "real", experimental aircraft ( without engine) for less than 3x that sum in the last 12 months.
Rick wrote:
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