For those of you who like Heli's

So you like Heli's. What about a Custom made RC Heli about the size of a Golf Cart that is powered by a Turbine Engine. Just an amazing job of engineering and construction. Check out this guys Toy and start to druel..

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Very nice model. While I realise it's not something you want to rush into after, all that build time, it would be nice to see it flying a bit higher than 6ft. Rotor blades at neck height scare me.........

Oh, whoever did that incredibly annoying captioning in the first two minutes of the video should be shot for crimes against audiovisual editing........ ;-) That was very annoying.

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The Raven

Pretty neat model.... I'm not a heli guy but I thought it was impressive. It looked hard to fly.

The captioning in the beginning minutes was very annoying. The music in the rest was great. Anyone know who the artist was?

Good flying, desmbob

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