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Can anyone recommend some free CAD software that I can use to knock up
I'm familiar with drafting by hand and may just do that if there is
nothing in the amateur market for me.
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Vervain Speller
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Trouble is, free==not that good.
I will go out on a limb and say see if you can lift a version of Corel Draw, 8 or later, off ebay or a mate.
Turbocad ain't bad, but I prefer Corel.
Both those make a fair fist of 2D drafting, but you have to understand their little ways.
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The Natural Philosopher
I agree on Corel Draw 8. I have a copy of Delta Cad and use CD 8 exclusively since I got it. You can draw and color almost any 2D image in it. I even used it once to create a 3 disk color wheel to decode (electronic) resistor bands.
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Mark Daughtry, SR
Alibre has a free version of their excellent 3-D modelling program. I can't remember if you can automatically take 2-D drawings off of the model with the free version, but you can with the paid for version. Alibre's at
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Alternatively, progeSoftt have a free CAD program based on IntelliCAD which uses industry standard DWG files as it's native file format. They are at
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I haven't tried progeSoft's version of IntelliCAD but did use Atlas's version (no longer available) and found that to work pretty well. ProgeSoft's version is a much later edition of the IntelliCAD libraries so should be pretty reliable.
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In message , Vervain Speller writes
2 thoughts. Look at Turbocad. Some of their older versions were available free at one time.
Have you looked to see what is in open source software?
After a quick Google on "open source cad software" found this which may help
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Max George

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