Futaba 7C reprogramming itself

Yesterday I noticed that my right aileron had stopped going up. It would go
down normally but when I gave it right stick it would stop at center. The
left one (ch 6-flaperon config) still worked fine. It turned out that the ch
1 right going end point on my new 7CH had somehow reprogramed itself to 0%.
I set it for 100% and had a fine afternnon of flying.
This morning after messing with the timer function I noticed that it had
happened again. After some experimentation I found that every time I
recalibrated the position that thottle stick engaged the timer the ch 1
right going endpoint would set itself to 0%. I remembered that I had messed
with the timer yesterday too.
Does anyone else with a 7C care to try that and tell me if they get the same
What are the chances I have something setup in the radio that is causing
this and can be disabled?
Thanks for any input
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Yes, it is a known software bug in the 7C. Hobby Services and Futaba know about it. There is a supplemental sheet for the 7C manual that says not to change the timer stick activation point. Which is BS but the only other workaround is to reset the aileron ATV overtime you change the timer activation point. See also:
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-- 'Fritz the Cat' Blackburn VP-94 Techrep NAS New Orleans
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v> Yesterday I noticed that my right aileron had stopped going up. It would go
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Fritz Blackburn
Faulty hardware. I've seen crossover effects like this with poor bus timing on memory chips before.
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The Natural Philosopher

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