Giles 202 and Moki

I am looking at purchasing a Great Planes Giles 202 ARF and installing a
Moki 2.1 with the radial mounting plate in it. Will the moto and mount even
fit?? Tried it in a Lanier 540T edge (73 in wingspan) and the mounting plate
stuck up above the cowling
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Gene Steeley
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I don't think the radial mount will work because of the way the firewall in the Giles is designed. It's short height wise and I think to use the radial mount it would raise the engine up too high on the thrust line and the motor would be hitting the cowl. I used one of G.P's large motormounts like the one that comes with the Giles to mount my Moki 2.10 in a Texas Hurricane so why not just use that? You have to remove a bit of the mounting beams to make the Moki fit but it didn't seem to be enough to weaken the mount and I have not had a problem with mine, you don't have to remove much of the beam to make it work.
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Bob B

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