Landing a Giles 202 !

I've just built a Giles 202 quarter scale (Great Planes) and find it's the
most difficult 'plane to land I ever had. It either stalls or bounces up and
then stalls in!
Any suggestions?
Best wishes
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Malcolm Messiter
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I agree with Fred. Increase your speed on final and make a "mains only" landing. Don't try to "3-point" it. Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"
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Reduce your elevator throw when landing and or move your CG a bit. Tail heavy planes tend to fall out of the sky when trying to 3 point them unless you are extremely careful and do a lot of high altitude slow flight work. Then it just becomes an issue of luck.
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Sounds like you are using to much elevator in your flair. You can't get the nose too high on landing. If you do add a couple of clicks of throttle and let is settle in. When done right it will stop the wing from snapping over.
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The Giles is one of the most challenging planes to fly due to its main wing sweep and super sensitive elevator. Make sure the elevator throw is small enough in low rates to prevent snaping at the extreme. Unlike most planes the giles must be slowed on approach then powered till flair. If you only increase speed it will float causing a go around. Practice slowing the giles at altitude then increasing throttle to prevent a stall. The giles can land in a 3 point albeit with much practice. Make sure your engine's off idle response is adequate this is crucial with the giles. I put an MDS 1.48 on mine and until Horizon replaced it with a C2 carb I could not land smoothly. With practice the giles can almost be 3Ded to a landing. Remember this plane was designed for big power. Although the giles is somewhat user unfriendly, supersensitive in pitch, an abrubt stall and extraordinary landing technigues necessary, the diligent pilot is rewarded with a plane that presents like no other and expertise braging rights (If you can smooth out a Giles no one will question your skill). PS, Dead stick technique for the giles don't flair just hold it off till it settles on the mains. Good Luck! KAJ
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