Gyro on a Zagi

There was a post on the rec.models.rc.soaring group in 2001 about installing
a 2-servo output gyro on a Zagi for stability. I haven't been able to find
any more information on this experiment and I'd really like to find out if
anyone's tried it. Does anyone know of any other 2-output airplane gyros
other than Hobbico's hcam4010 and Futaba's FUTM0817? Thanks.
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Is there some particular reason you want or need to? Have you already flown your Zagi? I can fly my 400X for the entire flight looking down at the plane. It's about as neutrally stable as they come, unless you have the CG too far aft. I'm not trying to stop you, but of all the planes I have, this is probably the last I'd mount a gyro on.
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John Alt
I know a gyro on the ailerons will correct the tendency many soaring planes have of trying to roll out of a banking slow turn. I don't know what else a gyro could be used for on a sail plane. I use a rudder gyro on all of my warbirds. Makes takeoff and landing easier.
inputing some rudder (going into turn, for instance) over-rides the gyro, so I don't really have to fight the gyro for control.
Be careful how many servos you hook up to a gyro, they WILL drain your rx battery faster. Since they are more or less always making small corrections. One on a rudder OR one on airlerons won't drain it too fast, but four servos hooked up to a gyro may be a major drain.
In my experience, the cheapest rate gyros work fine in airplanes....heli's need expensive (heading hold) gyros I hear. I bought all my gyros (I now have acquired about nine of them) on e-bay. I know all the horror stories about e-bay, but I haven't ever had a bad transaction. I bought one Helimax gyro for $9.00
My last purchase on e-bay was a Saito 100 (new) for $124.00, which included $6.00 shipping.
Are you sure you saw a newsgroup thread about the gyro? Some time back I read an in-depth article on some guys soaring web page about the use of gyros in soaring planes, but I didn't bookmark it....sorry
opinions will vary, JK
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John N. Kessler

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