High-wing foam trainer - how to add struts?

I'm building a high-wing "stick"-type trainer of my own design. The
42" wing is of EPP foam, which seems indestructible, but also a bit
more flexible than I'd like.
I've come up with a few designs for strut supports attached to the
fuselage, but I realize other folks have probably already solved this
problem much better than I could. I'm open to usign wire or light ply
for the structs. My main concerns are that they be (1) easy to
fabricate, and (2) easy to repair. any suggestions or pointers to
online photos or plans would be greatly appreciated.
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Len Testa
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It would be easier to put some carbon rods inside the wing for strength. Struts won't help much as EPP foam is very flexible, you would not have much control of the flex outside the strut area. Plus the struts would be prone to damage.
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Don Hatten
Carbon fiber spars. Also, fiber strapping tape for strength across the stress areas. Wrap the rest in tape or Ultracote. All my EPP kits Ive purchased were designed to be constructed in this manner such as my Zagis, Bowman Scooters, etc. Standard construction for any EPP plane.
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Fubar of The HillPeople
On 8/17/2003 9:00 PM Ted shuffled out of his cave and grunted these great (and sometimes not so great) words of knowledge:
Carbon fiber and/or strapping tape is the way to go. IF you must have struts, I do the following when making struts: Use aluminum streamlined tubing (looks something like a "teardrop" shape). Cut the main strut to length, Cut some 3/32" wire about 2" - 3" long. JB Weld an electrical ring (I forget the size for a 6-32 bolt) to one end of the wire and then JBweld the wire into the streamline tube. Temporarily install when dry and align the other strut and mark for the proper angle. Cut and JB Weld to the main strut. Repeat for the wire/ring. When dry, file/sand/fill the JB Weld for the joining of the struts, prime and paint. The struts are VERY strong, as light (and in some cases lighter) than balsa and do not flex.
Use the regular JB Weld. The quick stuff only has 1/4 the strength of the regular.
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Ted Campanelli

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