Homemade Simulator Cord?

Does anyone know of a site that offers plans or details on making a Homemade Flight Simulator cord or Interface?


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refer to

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for more refer to
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"Buddy Boxes. Servo Leads.Simulators.Interface"

TX 2 TX Buddy Box System Operation - RCFU Simulators

Aerochopper Review CSM Dave Brown RCFS 2001 Easy Fly ****** Fly RC free simulator = Ron's Software Page FMS Homepage FMS - models Offshore Sailing - Free simulator Pre-Flight (FreeDownload - buy interface kit) RealFlight Model Swap RealFlight Home Page Reality Craft - RC Plane Master Richard Pearse, Aviator - [download and fly the plane that flew before the Wright Brothers.] RC New Zealand - skins for realflight Sail simulator.com - Free download Tru-Flite Technology Vertigo flight simulator

Simulator controllers

Build an R/C Stick Joystick - The Flying Penguin Futaba Controller - TX Conversion - RCFU TX PC Interface etc - Ken Hewitt

Trainer Cords and Lead pinouts etc

Airtronics (AM_FM) Trainer Cord Buddy box lead info Intelligent Buddy Box Lead - JR to Hitec or Futaba JR Buddy box lead - antoon - gadgets Futaba (FM) Trainer Cord Futaba (AM) Trainer Cord Misc RC leads etc - Ken Hewitt Multiplex to Hitec or Futaba buddy lead schematic Servos - Wiring Diagrams = use with other brand RX.

regards Alan T.

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Here is one site that has Futaba and futaba to JR pin outs.

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I used to get the connectors at Radio Shack - BUT all of the stores in my area have dropped themn from inventory.

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