How to increase the power to the Caliber 30 Heli

Hi, I have a Caliber 30 and i fly it it places over 7000 ft over sea level, the heli flyes acceptabe but there is a great difference of how it flyes near sea level because the height and pressure, any tips for the engine, any engine that you recommend, i am using the OS 37.

Thanks Adrian

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I would take your question over to

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It is a dedicated heli site and there are a lot of knowledgeable folks there.

Realistically, all you could do was go to larger blades and a larger motor. You are fighting air density and increasing head speed alone won't help that much.

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Paul McIntosh wrote in news:

Air pressure at that elevation is around 11.3 psia versus sea level at 14.7 psia. Furnaces at that elevation have to be oversized the sea level rating by about 23% to have a fire box large enough to create the same amount of heat. You can figure on roughly the same power loss in a model plane engine.

That's why a plane that uses a .40 at sea level will require one size up for performance, i.e. a .52 engine. Your .37 seems to have made up for the difference compared with a .30 at sea level.

You'd think small flight stuff would be a no-go at that altitude. When I lived in Gallup NM at 6,500 ft elevation, I was able to fly my .049 Black Widow on a 36" span Airtronics Q-Tee. But that plane has generous wing area and I used a lighter flight pack. It would fly okay with a 6x3 prop, but it would not fly well with a 5x4 prop, whereas at sea level it did fine with the 5x4, almost no difference in performance over the 6x3.

-- HPT

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