I hate test posts

If you have to test your posting to newsgroups please use the newsgroup designed for test posts. This saves space on this group.

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Guy Fuller
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You have my sympathy and support, but newsgroups are the new Wild West, and the frontier is limitless.

People are ungovernable. Folks do the darndest things.

This thread will vanish from servers all around the world in a few days. More new folks will wash up on this strange beach and see whether they can establish communications with the natives. Trying to tell people who aren't here yet not to waste recycled electrons is like telling the tide not to rise.

It is possible in some newsreading software to set filters. I've got a filter for the word "FAQ." I just never see posts with that word in it. I haven't set a filter yet for "test," but it seems like something I could do if I wanted to.



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Martin X. Moleski, SJ

Is there a limited amount of space on a given news group? What would I observe as the news group went over it's allocated space? Blank messages? Misspelled words?

Pray tell what ominous warnings should I look for?

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The above is not a sneaky way of doing a test post is it???? 8^)

Regards - testingly


My email address needs "altering" before use

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I dont think so, but some folks with dialup have a long slow wait while the page loads. 'Course, they have to wait for pretty much everything with dialup... Thats also partly why binaries and HTML are not permitted.

Ive seen countless flame wars over at the .land group when some newbie with webtv asks "what car should i get first? How can i make it faster" using html and a big ol' animated signature. Otherwise kind and helpful people become quite testy. Personally, the only thing that irritates me are those senseless 'babble' posts that appear to be generated by a small word-bot program designed to clog newgroups.

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Every news administrator in the world creates a rule for ditching old news in order to make room for new news.

I'm not a news admin, and I'm not sure what the parameters are and whether they are tweaked group by group or for the newsfeed as a whole.

It's its when it's its.

You would observe that older messages are no longer available on a particular news server.

The good news is that google keeps everything.

The bad news is that not everything is worth keeping, including, in all likelihood, this very post. :o(


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Martin X. Moleski, SJ



keep this thread alive and cheque your post with this "test"

ps why is it that it takes my posts 6plus hours to be posted???

is there a way to post faster??

is this test post working???

some serious questions some not..

thanks lots ededge 2002

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This is a function of how your news server is set up and how it is connected the rest of newsworld. I pretty much "fire and forget." If the posts get through, great; if they don't, I either repeat myself or forgeddaboudit.

Try a different news server. Google is always slowest in my experience. I buy service from newsguy.com. I don't know whether it is the best, but it works sort of OK for me so far.

Nope. ;o)


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Martin X. Moleski, SJ

Speed is in the hands of the news server. If it takes 6 hours, then that's how long between updates on the server you are using. Mine get posted nearly instantly. I am using the BTInternet server.

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Paul McIntosh

LOL! Sometimes my posts NEVER are seen locally but clearly stir things up as many respond and I CAN find them with Google.

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