Italian Kits

Just an observation (with a chuckle)

I picked up an Italian made RC kit from a hobby shop. Don't know the brand from a bar of soap. Bought it because it was reasonably priced and it looked damn nice. Plastic fuse, pre-formed wings, nice u/carriage detail etc. Quite stylish.

I should have known. In the ideal world, the Germans are the engineers, not the Italians.

This kit is like Italian cars. It is almost impossible to assemble, because NO thought has been given to any engineering. Nothing fits, and no makes tools that could possibly fit the impossible angles that you inevitably end up with.

Like the instructions, which clearly state to glue the firewall into the fuse BEFORE the engine is installed. But then one has to drill additional holes in the fuse to get a screwdriver lined up to tighten the engine bolts when one finally gets to install the engine. Lovely.

Oh yes, and first install the wings, tighten them (as per instructions) and then install the main wing tube. Not unless you're a magician. Huh ???????

Not to mention that there's a pile of funny looking spares left after assembly. No trace of any of them on the plans or in the instructions. Oh well.

Oh, and then lastly. It does look very nice, and flies very well.

But not again.

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