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I got 2 1,800-mAh 3-cell LiPos the other day, one with a Parkzone
foamie I bought to replace one I totaled and the other off the shelf
of the LHS. I charged both then realized the new plane was missing
parts so I decided to discharge both to 11 volts because they'd
probably be unused for a few weeks (I'm not looking to start the "how
to store LiPos" discussion again -- last time was pretty thorough).
Anyway, I discharge by attaching a 12-watt 13.8 volt automotive lamp
with a voltmeter in parallel and watching while compensating for the
drop from the lamp.
One battery discharged normally. The other dropped a bit, then went
immediately to about 6.5 volts. Couldn't miss it -- the bulb went
quite dim.
I tried the questionable battery again, and it did the same, dropping
suddenly to about 7 volts.
My question, obviously, is Do I have a bad battery? Seems to me the
sudden drop is one cell going virtually dead. But I'm new to all this
and pretty ignorant. Any suggestions?
Thanks much

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tired bob
It's 1 for charge, 15 for discharge. Instructions on battery say to charge at no more than 1.75 amps, so I charge at 1.5. It's a balancing charger that comes with the plane and battery, supplied by Parkzone. Batteries are identical.
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Tired Bob
Sounds like it. If you're careful, you can measure each cell with a voltmeter. Access it at the balance socket. I had a cell go bad on a 3 cell lipo. It was an end cell. Gave it to my mate, who chopped off the dud, and is still using the 2-cell battery..
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