Figuring LiPo charge percentage

So far I know that a LiPo cell is 100% charged at 4.2 volts. I don't,
however, know what the danger reading is when discharging a cell. I
also don't know how to figure a 50% charge voltage for storage. I'd
appreciate an explanation of this basic stuff. Thanks kindly.
Incidentally, I got several responses recently about a 3-cell battery
that had a sharp voltage drop. Mfgr agreed that the cell was bad and
is replacing the battery. Thanks to responders on that one.
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tired bob
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Numbers from E-Station BC6 manual LiPo (per cell) 3.7v Nominal 3.85v Storage 4.2v Max charge voltage Minimum discharge cut off 3.0v (or higher) Allowable charge rate 1C or less, unless battery spec allows for a faster rate. IC should also be used for discharge charge cycling
Charge time limit example 2000mah battery 1C=2A or 2000ma 2000/2.0=1000, 1000/11.9=84 minutes (This would result in the input of ~140% of capacity if the time was the charge limit.)
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Not from the manual-- IF time permits, 1/10 C is a safe charge rate for most rechargable batteries, LiPo included. When you go to 1C or greater rates, it's really a good idea to monitor battery temp. Make sure you do NOT exceed the Battery Mfrs recommended charge rate, whatever that might be.
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