Micro servo question

I have a Slow stick with two HS 55 servos and one of them is giving me some
issues. It will constantly lock up and make a vibration noise (jittery
action from the servo), sometimes the only way to get it to stop is to
unplug the battery pack. I have tried this servo on all channels of my
receiver and it does the same thing. I am thinking that it is shot but I
wanted to be sure that there is no way to fix this before I go out and buy a
new servo. Any ideas?
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You could open it up carefully and check the gears for either missing teeth or foreign opjects (such as the missing teeth). On standard sized servos I have taken out the pot, opened it up and cleaned it. Not sure I would try this with a micro servo tho. Others will recommend against this in any servo. If it is the gears, you should be able to buy a replacement set for less than a new servo. I would also check the plug for dirt and/or poor contact.
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Fubar of The HillPeople
Two. Bad connection (are you using extenders) and dirty pot inside the servo.
Its rare for HS55's to do this. I have had them do it to me only once, when I was testing and the test battery voltage went down to about 2v.
I'd double chacek teh wiring carefully, and plug it direct into teh receiver avoiding all cabling. If it still does it, try putting a new plug on it. If that fails unless you want to play with it bin it, or iof new, get it swapped.
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The Natural Philosopher
I have replaced gear trains in HS-55's several times before, and it was not difficult. They were cheap. They are not very hard to strip with a rough landing and a stiff linkage, if the control surface takes a hit.
Mike D.
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Mike Dennett
As posted earlier, you might have a gear with one or more broken teeth, a dirty pot, or a bad connection. Just to make sure, your servo is locking up, not buzzing, right? Sometimes servos will buzz and become jittery when the receiver is too close to the transmitter and gets swamped. See if moving the transmitter farther away might solve your problem.
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Morris Lee

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