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I have looked and posted all over looking for an old obsolete which I
figured some one in modeling land might have in a old box of mufflers. They
seem to be harder to find than I thought. So I am going to try here and may
be get lucky. I am looking for the old style K&B 8011 40 size that slip over
the Ex poet and cover up the holes where the ex. baffler was removed. I
don't even know who made them unless it was Mac's Muffler. I do not like the
plugs but if I can't find any I will have to resort to those. If you have
such an idem please state condition ,price and shipping, If you are in doubt
I can E Mail a picture of same, and thanks for looking.Happy Flying
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The 4011 used the rotating baffle and needed the plugs. The 8011 came with a muffler.
Never heard of a muffler that covered the empty holes in the 4011 exhaust stack.
Ed Cregger
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Ed Cregger

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