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Hi all -

I just got a new 2400 mAh NiMH battery for my plane. I know the initial charge should be at 1/10C, but is there anything else I should know before I hook it up? Should I drain it first?

Thanks, Dan.

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Nope, not with NiMh.

Don't charge it at more than 1C, and don;t discharge it too far, or too fast, if you want it to last. They don't stand abuse like Nicads.

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The Natural Philosopher

Do the NiMH not like a "standard charger 1C and discharge to 1.05 v " like a Accu-Cycle Pro Series?


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Gary Spence

Not sure. Do a google search on REDS BATTERY CLINIC - he has the skinny there. 1C is fine for fully formed pack, dunno if they need forming like Nicads tho. 1.05v sounds pretty good as well, but then I try not to use NIMS - rather get Li Poly if Nicads are not good enough.

I missed the great KAN revolution - straight from Nicads to E-tech and Kokams!!

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The Natural Philosopher

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