Battery pack for old Airtronics 7P

After MANY years I'm about to get back into the
hobby (my 6 and 8 year old kids are the stimulus :-). I've
dusted off one of my "newer" radios, an Airtronics 7P
circa 1988 currently siting in an Astro Hog. I checked the
module and it appears to be a narrow band model (gold R/CMA
sticker with a 9/88 date) on channel 56. Obviously, I'll
need to replace the battery packs. Is there a good online place
to by a replacement transmitter battery pack or am I better off
pulling apart the slide-in battery module and just soldering
in eight new nicads myself? Thanks!
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BATTERIES AMERICA at 800-308-4805 can provide the following NiCd packs that will fit in your Airtronics MD7P transmitters battery holder case. Note that the Module Series MD7P, Vision, and Spectrum all use the same battery case. "9.6 VOLT, (2 x flat) for AIRTRONICS Vision?Spectrum, 700 mAh (NiCd Std.) $18.00; 1100 mAh (NiCd hi-cap) $27.00; 1650 mAh (NiMh hi-cap) $35.00." .Thes are all shown on page 2 of their latest catalog issue 1/03. Call and get a copy.
It would be wise to have your MD7P RF Module and PPM/FM receiver checked and aligned after all of these years. Call us if you need further information or assistance.
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Jack Albrecht

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