Airtronics servo question

Hi and thanks in advance for any help on this. I didn't think I had been
out of the knowledge circle for very long . I have Aitronics systems on all
my planes. I had ordered a few 94102 servos for a new plane I had built and
was installing them and noticed a tag on the wires that stated "Do not use
blueZ connector with Black Standard Airtronics equipment...Damage will occur
due to reverse polarity"... My radios aren't that old so is this a recent
change Airtronics has gone through?...Help! Can I get the old Airtonics
servos or am I going to have to start disassembling another planes sercvo
pack to put in my new plane?
Can the new servo be rewired to match the older one?
Thanks for any answers on this...jim
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Jim & Lil
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Jim, it's no big problem, Airtronics changed connectors so their equipment would be more compatible with other stuff. Old airtronics had the ridge connectors which their females were also set for. In interchanging with the new connectors, be sure you have a tight fit.
NOW for all airtronics and any other servo to airtronics: On the male connector top, you see the brass inputs for each wire. Simply using your X-acto #11, gently lift the plastic tab up. and slip out the black and red wires, then reverse and push them back in. Blac/dark to likewise, red to red (some old airtronics may just have a hint of red on the wiring) and the yellow/orange or close, to match the other connector.
Works fer meee!
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If the plugs on the servos will work with your receiver, you're OK. If you have a blue receiver, you are OK. If you have a black receiver, you are NOT OK. Airtronics finally woke up and made all of their servos compatible with all other brands when they came out with the "Z" connector (blue connector)
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While Horrace is correct, his way may lead to fried systems if YOU forget which ones you have switched. That is the reason for the tags.
You would be much better served by calling Airtronics and buying the correct adaptor for the Z to N connector. Get BOTH since new servos will be Z and old radios are N but sometimes you may have a specialty servo with the N connector you might wish to use on a Z receiver.
Good luck.
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Thanks to all that replied. I have the new servos running fine now ..... warmest regards...Jim
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Jim & Lil

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