Re: Airtronics RD8000 RF Question, Opinions?

Actually you can switch modulation to "positive PM/FM" to work with other brands such as Hitec and Futaba. See page 24 in the manual.

PCM only works with Airtronics as you say.


Airtronics still will not drive a Futaba receiver. The only thing they > changed was the servo connectors and the receiver layout so you can use > Hitec/JR servo plugs in it. The 8000 seems to be a nice system, but it wont > let you use your present Futaba stuff, except the servos and those have to > have the fin on the plug cut off. > > I have found that New Airtronics, JR and Expert electronics will work > together. As far as I know (I don't own any) Futaba and Hitec work > together. That is in FM modes, anything PCM will only work with its own > brand. > > > -- > Eric Kler > Fubar Hill -
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> > ____ > > > > > I am thinking about getting a new radio, and the Airtronics RD8000 is > > in the running. I know Airtronics has swithched to "standard" > > connecters, but is it a high shift or low shift system, and is that > > compatible with the older (7UAF era) Futaba stuff? I see the TX is > > selectable from high to low shift PPM and PCM, but I don't want to > > have to remember which plane has the old Futaba receivers and remember > > to change the TX modulation. Perhaps the TX modulation is part of the > > model memory??(unlikey) Yes, I have a lot of legacy Futaba stuff I > > don't want to let sit around. > > Any general comments on this radio, I sure like that I can get 5 bb > > servos and a great set of features for $300, compared to the 9CAF. > > Daze > >
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Don Hatten
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The RD8000 manual is downloadable from

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Airtronics transmitters and receivers are positive shift, like JR. Futaba transmitters and receivers are negative shift.

According to page 25 of the RD8000 manual, the transmitter has a modulation select menu that allows you to use "other brand" receivers. This means it is compatible with Futaba. This is right in the middle of the section describing the various settings for each model memory, so I have to conclude that the modulation is saved with each individual model.

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Mathew Kirsch

Thanks for the correction, I learn something new all the time. A while back, before they came out with the RD 8000

I upgraded from Airtronics to a JR 8103, every bit of the Airtronics stuff worked without having to even move servos around on the receiver, with the exception of the charger anyway.

-- Eric Kler Fubar Hill -

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Eric Kler

I assume the RD8000 is a revised version of the RD6000 which saved the selected modulation (Futaba or AIrtronics + or - shift) in the memory for the specific model. In other words, once you set if for the plane, you do not have to reset it unless you reset that memory location. It will drive any FM RX except PCM which is limited to Airtronics. I suspect it will not talk Multiplex, but since I don't have one of those and have no intention of getting one, I don't worry about it.

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Once you program your RD8000 for a particular model you would not have to switch the modulation. The Mod is stored in the model memory. All you would have to do is remember to select the right model.

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Eric Bourlet

Yes, I was aware that the 9C radios were only 9 channels in PCM mode, and a switched channel at that. All I need really is a 5 channel, so perhaps the Hitec is worth another look. I like the glider option with the 555 RX and the HS81's, better fit my style of planes (smaller!) My old Futaba 7UAF is in the shop for a tune-up (10 years old and never a problem till last month). Daze

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