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I've seen a starter with a 2 battery pack attached to the bottom. It is a twin pack of 7.2 volt bats hooked in series and gives the starter a lot of torque to start engines..... i've looked at tower but can't find it.. can anyone tell me the name of it so i can do a search? thank you. . Arne, CT, USA =========================

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Arne Reil
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They're kinda easy to make, if you think about it. Just design a wooden box and attach to the bottom of a traditional starter. Lots of them at our field. We always thought the commercial units were too expensive.

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Joe D.

On Tower > flight line and track equipment > starter/starter accessories >

starter nicd battery packs

Hobbico, no charger

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They also have a "combo" with a charger; and a Sullivan that you put your own batteries in..

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I went to the local Batteries Plus store we have here and had them to make me a pack. 14.4 volts with sub c's. It works great. I built a nice oak box around them and everyone liked it at the field. I works great. I used to have a 12 volt 'Flight Box" battery attached to the bottom of my starter with zip ties. It worked great but was heavy too. If anyone would like I will send you a picture of mine. Eddie Fulmer AMA 63713

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I recommend the Sullivan. It uses NiCds which provide a lot of punch for starting the bigger engines.

Jim - AMA 501383

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James D Jones

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