Battery for a Miller Bobcat 250- Robin 22hp engine

The battery in my Bobcat finally died after working for six years of Minnesota winters.

The only requirement mentioned in the owners manual is 12V, min 30A. I can get a battery from Walmart, built for yard equipment, showing 230A, 200 cold cranking amps. Sells for $36.

If I order the batter from my Miller supplier, I am sure it will be much more expensive. I am just worried about this huge difference in amps. Is it likely to damage starter motor or cause other problems? Any advice is appreciated.

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Bart K
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You are comparing apples and oranges. The first battery capacity is what is usually called an "Amp Hour Rating" and is a measurement of the amperage that the battery can supply for 20 hours while the second rating is Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) is a measurement of the number of amps a battery can deliver at 0 F for 30 seconds and not drop below

7.2 volts.

The amount of amperage that your starter draws is determined by the starter itself and has nothing to do with battery capacity. You could connect your battery to a 1,000,000 amp hour capacity 12 volt battery and the amount of amperage it drew would be exactly the same as if connected to a 30 amp hour battery.

Most people just pick battery that fits the battery mount :-)

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John B.

Thank you for this explanation; I will get a Walmart battery that fits the batter compartment.

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Bart K

My battery lasted ten years I just swapped it out here in Reno Nevada

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