Newbie Spectra question

A quick, I hope, question. I'm just beginning and I am curious about the
Spectra module from Hitec. I understand that you can set the transmiter
to your choice of frequency, but that you must have a crystal for your
receiver to match that frequency. But is it common, or even legal, for a
flyer to carry more than one crystal and swap frequencies at the field?
And if not, what good is the Spectra module?
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You may have many receivers with different frequency crystals. You can also change crystals in receivers. Futaba must stay in the LOW or HIGH band. But Futaba is the only one that does this. All others can be changed freely. It IS legal to change receiver frequency. No problem.
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On 7/17/2004 6:48 PM Ted shuffled out of his cave and grunted these great (and sometimes not so great) words of knowledge:
A simpler (and CHEAPER) approach may be Polk's Hobby Tracker II. A fully synthesized transmitter (can use ANY channel) and the Seeker II receiver. The receiver is also fully synthesized and can be use on ANY channel with NO CRYSTAL involved. I "think" RC Universe has a review on this radio.
I have one and like it quite a bit. The only "negatives" I have found are: The physical size is larger than most transmitters (this is a plus for me as I have large hands) and SOME of the programming, IMHO, is a little "clumsy" (not as simplified as Futaba, but definitely more customizable).
The transmitter, receiver, batteries and one servo is about $275. If you are going to go with the Tracker, check with the company. They are supposed to be coming out with a new model that has a "buddy box" port and trainer switch, the present version doesn't have these features.
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Ted Campanelli
Just be sure that the Spectra module you are talking about is installed in the same brand as the transmitter. The HiTech Spectra module will work fine in a Futaba transmitter but it is not legal to do this in the USA and you are opening yourself to potent problems if there is an accident.
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Actually, the Spectra module doesn't work all that well in some of Futaba's transmitters. That is probably the reason why the AMA has emphasized the FCC regulation which prohibits such use.
I recommend the use of the Hitec Eclipse/ Spectra with Polk's Seeker or Seeker II receiver. This avoids having to change receiver Xtals at all. It is legal to change them, however.
Jim - AMA 501383
Bill wrote:
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