November MAN issue...

Anyone have the Nov. Model Airplane News issue with the AT-6 plan
intact they'd like to sell? I missed it on the news stands. Thanks.
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The new issue of MAN has a omment aout those plans. Seems they were printed at 96% of correct size, so you can either enlarge the plans or download correct size ones from their website. Hope this helps. I probably still have those plans if you need them. Andy
We can make a box of wood.....FLY!!
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"RCPILOT48" skrev i melding news:
Du you have the URL?
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You can also call the MAN editoral office at 203-431-9000 and the nice lady there will send you a copy of the 100% size plans for free. Anybody figured out how to D/L 'em off the website?
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