Old Ignition Engine

A freind of a freind gave me an old ignition engine that was found in the attic. I've managed to clean most of it up but can't figure out how to take the head off to clean the cylinder and piston.

Any suggestions?

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Is it a old O&R ????

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Thousands and thousands:

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Martin X. Moleski, SJ

Be careful not to damage the motor. Quite a few did not have removeabl

heads so the best answer to that question is to post a picture of th engine, maybe a couple of different angles. Some old ignition engine are really keepers and some are quite comon so it was a good idea t ask here. I collected engines for years and have not kept up on th latest but have friends that may be able to help with your question a well as it's approximate worth to a collector. Gud Flying ....Dic

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I had a several gave to me a few years ago, they wound up in my hands for a short while, I cleaned them up and sold all of them. Some manufactures bolted the heads on, others the head screwed off from what I remember. Old Cyclone's, OK's, Fox's, etc.

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Flying Fokker

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