Re: Transmitter Crystals

Does anyone know where I can get the bit that holds a crystal in the >transmitter

At least I'll give you a reasonable answer. If you don't expect to change frequencies on that TX, solder the crystal in place. Dr.1 Driver "There's a Hun in the sun!"

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Hmm, take a perfectly useable socket and solder it together. I bet you didn't even look at my link. If it doesn't work you might be using firefox.

I suspect himy wants it so he can swap crystals easier (UK). If it doesn't already have a tape tail on it then just make one. Poke the legs through a piece of tape and wrap it around the crystal on the flat sides. Or fabricate a holder out of balsa (or whatever) and glue the crystal to that. If you are worried about how your radio looks then you are way more bored than I am.

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Steve Banks

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