If you build it......

Today the phrase, if you build it they will come, is almost cliche. However, it seems it is true. On Oct 8, 2003, I started an email group on Yahoo dedicated to providing resources and an email exchange focusing on marketing and sales as it specifically related to building, growing, and maintaining a thriving locksmith business.

Yesterday the group exceeded 100 members. Here's an invitation for those that haven't visited yet, to drop by. Check out the files, links, and pictures sections. Also feel free to share by email successful campaigns (and those unsuccessful ones too.), ask any questions about direct mail, contacts, or sales that you may have on your mind. We have a full range of experienced mentors, and new business start-ups. Check out the email archives. No matter what your experience level, there's probably something you can use or contribute. We'd love to see you there! It's free, it's for and by locksmiths.

See the link in the signature line. Hope to have your contributions soon.

Mike Thomas Lock & Key For an email list discussion of locksmith related marketing concepts join us:

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