Don't answer that phone!

I got a lockout call today, to unlock an apartment. Two or three minutes later, I got a cancell call. Someone on another group said never to answer the phone after taking a lockout call. Go there, and collect for the house call regardless of anything else.

I answered the phone, politely accepted the cancell, and no money came in. What do the rest of you do?

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Stormin Mormon
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Cancellations are part of the business. I think the policy should be one of reasonableness, If for example some one calls and while they are waiting for you they are mangling their gaskets with a coat hanger and succeed in opening the car while you are sitting at the traffic light across the street, these folks definitely will get a bill for the trip.

On the other hand, If I am only a short distance from the shop when the call comes in, I will accept the cancel with no problem. In your case of 2 or 3 minutes this is an easy call.

The tough calls come in when you are 10 minutes in to a 20 minute drive.

One thing I used to do especially at night is suggest that they sit with a neighbor where it is warm and have a glass of wine or something. Often this prevents them from remembering that they had a ladder in the back yard and that the second story bathroom window might be in fact unlatched.

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Roger Shoaf

I accept the cancel if it is within a few minutes.My usual on-site is

15 min.


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So big deal. You didn't go anywhere or do anything did you? If you were on your way there how far could you have gotten?

Someone on another group said

Why so you can lose business?

Go there, and

And you think they will pay this why???? They will just tell you that they aren't paying you and that you should answer your telephone. Being in route doesn't really make any difference they have cell phones and call forwarding if you don't have anybody to relay the message when you are gone. Being in business means being able to get your phone calls. Of course what you are talking about is really just intentionally trying to screw somebody out of money when they have made every reasonbble effort to cancel the call in a timely manner.

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Don't you locksmiths rob your customers bad enough installing crap locks that can be bumped in 10 seconds flat? Now you have to rip them off for work you didn't even do? Typical.

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Tim Mathews

key is honest, he lives in a trailer park is why I know

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not me

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