OS 61 SF

I have an old OS 61 SF (yes, SF, not FS) and its got the weirdest carb
I have ever seen. I need to adjust the low end idle and haven't a clue
how to do it. I have serached the web but came up empty. Does anyone
out there have one of the these old engines and know how to adjust the
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Is this engine with or without a pump? There are instructions for many of their carbs and for pre 2000 pumped carbs. There should be a number on the carb your engine has and then you can look at the manual for that carb.
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Vance Howard
Good Evening. I happen to have a .61 SF with a 7L carburetor. This carburetor has a small cam screw on the same side as, and in front of, the high-speed needle valve. It's been a long time since I've had to fiddle with this screw, so I don't remember which way is richer or leaner, but when you turn the screw, it twists a cam below it which adjusts the idle. Good luck.
Very respectfully, Harry Sanchez snipped-for-privacy@jetlink.net
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