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Hello Everyone,
I have started building my first plan built plane. If your interested,
it's a .60 P-6E Hawk.
My question concerns the rudder servo, tail gear and rudder links. They
say a picture is worth a thousand words.
View from top. Plate soldered, brazed
This way to the nose. to gear wire.
_ /
____| |____
__________ | | | |_______
__________ | O | | O |_______
Link to servo. |____| |____| Link to rudder.
| |
3/32 wire. |_|
Gear wire goes
straight down
thru fuselage.
I understand using a metal clevis on a metal control can cause Radio
Freq. Interference. Not a good thing. Nylon clevis with a metal control,
I guess, won't last long in this case. Would using a metal clevis and
mounting a brass control plate to the gear wire work ? In other words
can steel and brass rubbing together cause RFI ?
I hope I have been clear. I will be Grateful or any advise, suggestions,
or other ways to do the same thing.
Thank You So Much,
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It's not the metal clevis being on a metal rod that causes rfi interference. It is a metal clevis connected to a metal control horn that causes interference. Like the control arm on a throttle, most of them being metal. If you installed metal control surface horns, then you don't want to use metal clevises. It's actually the pin in the metal clevis that is smaller than the hole for it in the metal control horn causing it to "rattle" that causes the rfi noise.
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Vance Howard

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