Profile Electric Jet Builder?

Hi Folks,
A while ago (while searching for something completely unrelated), I
stumbled across a thread in one of the online forums regarding electric
pusher/EDF jets. There was a guy (I think it was a guy) who kept slamming
out profile jets with an EDF in the middle.
I didn't bookmark the thread (I was on another search at the time), and now
can't find my way back to save my life :(
I was pretty sure it was on
formatting link
's forums, but they are so
active, I'm coming up blank.
Anyone know the thread I'm referring to, or some sort of contact for this
person? I'm wanting to build my first electric pusher or EDF (been
building and flying prop driven park flyers for a year now) and thought a
profile one would be the quickest way to get in the air, rather than
building up an entire fuse etc.
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