Prop Drive Washer for an Old K&B .61?

Good Evening. I have a 1979-vintage K&B .61 (Ringed) engine that I
inherited from my late father. I decided to use it in a Bridi Krafty I
purchased several months ago. Last week, the engine had a malfunction
during a flight, and dead-sticked. I landed the plane safely, only to
find several parts missing from the engine. The prop, prop nut, prop
washer, prop stud, and prop drive washer had all come off. Replacing
the prop was no problem, since I have several others. I went to my LHS
to see if I could order the parts. I was able to get the prop nut, prop
washer, and prop stud as a package, and I picked them up this evening.
However, I discovered that the current K&B prop drive washer is
incompatible with the engine. The shaft on the engine has flat spots to
accommodate the prop drive washer, but the prop drive washer I received
does not have the flat spots. I mentioned this to the hobby-shop guy,
who mentioned that the modern K&B engines use a cone-shaped brass collet
inside the drive washer. However, even that does me absolutely no good
on my engine. Does anybody out there know where I can find a drive
washer (P/N 6912) for the engine (P/N 6525)? Please advise.
Harry Sanchez
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Harry Sanchez
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Contact Clarence F. Lee -- he was the designer of most of the older KB and KB-Lee engines. He writes for and advertises in the classifieds of Model Aviation.
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