R/C MiG for sale by Coleman's -- seems like good deal

I just got my Coleman's catalog last night:
They're selling a military issue R/C MiG-27 (about 6'), .91 engine, 3
servos, receiver (no radio), replacement parts (3 sets of wings, nose,
tail), 8 props, and 3 gas tanks, all for $150. Given the price I've
seen of similarly equipped ARFs, that seemed like a good deal.
I believe these kits were used by the military for IFF training.
Anyway, seemed like a good deal, so I thought I'd post it here.
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What is Coleman`s? There have been alot of these target drones on eBay and such for over $100 not including the equipment you mention. I built one a couple of years ago and put landing gear on it .. it doesn`t come with any. Really is a big airplane.. I never flew mine...sold it.
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snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com (Matt Senecal) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com:
I remember seeing that same kit while I was with an Air Defense Artillery National Guard outfit back in the '90s. Crate is roughly 6' long by 3 feet wide and about 4 feet tall. It comes with 3 complete sets of foam airplanes for .60 size motors, a .60 sized motor - sometimes an HB .61 or K&B .65 AAC engine, elevator, aileron, motor, and with all linkages.
They were used for tracking practice with the Chaparral (track vehicle with sidewinder missle turret), then when it was phased out, for the Avenger and hand launch Stinger. They used a transistorized receiver reminiscent of early '70s wideband technology on military frequency (41 MHz?) with standard size servos.
The metallic servo tray IMHO, could be reused for modern radios and standard sized servos. They came with no landing gear, but an industrious individual could easily figure out how to mount one as it has a plywood fuselage bottom that lends itself to an aluminum Dural gear and engine mount plate can be drilled for a steerable nose gear. Standard servos might be reusable if rewired, but since they are so cheap nowadays I don't know if it is worth it.
If kit is exactly the same as was shipped to ARNG, if three people would chip in $50 each and rough guessing - $30 per person for shipping would get 3 airplanes, 1 engine and 1 useable aluminum servo tray, for which ones out of aircraft plywood could be templated from the aluminum one.
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High Plains Thumper
High Plains Thumper wrote in news:Xns9584A1D386247HPT@
BTW, on
formatting link
Picture looks like a K&B engine, can barely make out the K&B letters. I believe there is a typo on the page, it is not a .92, if like the ARNG kits, it is the .65 AAC R/C sport engine.
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