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> > Hello, After building my model, and yes leaving the tail 3mm off > > centre, I have met another slight problem, When the intruction manual > > say`s "Prop turns ANTI CLOCKWISE" I suddenly had the dilema (due to > > requirement of soldering the motor onto the speed controller), Is this > > looking at the plane or looking down the plane from the tailplane. > > After some thought I have gone for the looking down the plane, is this > > CORRECT? > > > > Cheers all jonnie > > > > From the front, looking at the tail

emmmmmmm, interesting, so my current setup means that my prop is on the wrong way around, and the motor is rotating the wrong way! As the air is being driven in the correct direction. which way does a normal Engined RC plane rotate, clockwise or anit clockwise? This is looking from the front to the rear of the plane.

Cheers for this JOnnie

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Jonnie Chapman
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Across the pond we like to say that it turns "counter" clockwise (prop rotates right to left), looking at the engine front.


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Herb Winston

Clockwise, Anti-clockwise... The important thing is that the wind and pull generated by the motor and prop will draw the plane forward. :-)


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Doesn't matterwhich way the prop is on, a given rotation and a given prop will always blow the airt the same way. Just at lower efficiency.

If your prop is blowing air backwards and is turning clockwise, as viewed from the front, then you have what is normally called a 'pusher' prop.

Anyway, it doesn't matter as long as the prop is blowing backwards, and in general the writing on teh prop is to the front of the model (Gunther push on props excepted)

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The Natural Philosopher

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