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in order to define a well-defined custom view, I drew a line in a 3D sketch fom the model's origin towards the "viewer" and planted a plane onto the endpoint of that line. Then I created a view normal to this plane.

This works insofar as the viewing direction is correct; however, SW put the plane in some funny angle so that the view appears rotated around the viewing axis. Is there any way to define the axial orientation of the plane, or should I just rotate the view in the resulting drawing to get it straight up?




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Haude Daniel
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Pick the reference plane you have defined, then ctrl-pick a surface which you wish to point upwards, then select "normal to" in the view toolbar.

You should now be looking at the model in the correct orientation. Save this view as a "new view" - this can now be used in a drawing and recalled at a later date.

John H

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John H

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